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CalWORKs Frequently Asked Questions

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Where's my check?

Cash benefits are issued to the individuals Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card. Cash benefits are issued the 1st, 2nd and 3rd day of each month

Why does my next door neighbor get more money than I do?

Every case is individual and it depends on the amount of income received and how many people are in the household.

I know someone who is cheating on their welfare.  What can I do?

You need to contact the Special Investigations Unit to report potential fraud. This can be done by calling the main office at (530) 841-2764.

I don't have a wage stub and I can't get one.   What do I do?

You must contact your employer for a copy of some kind of verification of wages.  This is necessary to compute your benefits.

My husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend took by EBT card and left.  What can I do?

To access your benefits on your EBT card a person must have both the EBT card and your Personal Identification Number (PIN). You must never share your PIN with anyone. Call 1-877-328-9677 to have your card replaced.

I quit my job.  Will it affect my money?

You need to notify your worker immediately.   This may affect your benefits.

My sister/brother moved in/out.  Do I need to tell my worker?

Yes, this is very important to your case.

I got a notice that my benefits are stopping.  What does it mean?

The notice should tell you why your benefits are stopping.   You can call your worker if you do not understand the notice.

I lost my QR7.  Can I get a new one?

Yes, you need to call your worker or go into the office to get a replacement. Also, if you don't receive one in the mail quarterly, it is your responsibility to get one in order to process your case.

How do I get training and is it free?

You and your case worker will work together to determine if training is appropriate. In some cases, tests may be run to find out what type of training is best suited for you. The training is provided by a number of agencies, depending on specific client needs. In most cases, the cost of the training is paid for by the CalWORKs program.

How come my friend hasn't been called in for Welfare-to-Work?

Each case is different. You don't know the circumstances of another person's case, and our employees cannot discuss another person's case with you.

What if I need temporary help and do not want to go on cash assistance?

The CalWORKs program offers Diversion Services to assist families with a temporary need to help avoid the necessity of going on the CalWORKs program. These services are offered to families who are working or have a job commitment and are in danger of losing their employment if the needs are not met.