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Behavioral Health Board

As a member of our community, you can help us make a difference in the lives of our clients and their family members. Maybe you are a client or family member or have other personal experience with mental illness. Perhaps you hold an office or a position of influence or authority in Siskiyou County. Or maybe you are just someone who cares. No matter your reason, one of the most important ways you can help us serve our clients is by becoming a member of the Siskiyou County Behavioral Health Services Board.

Mental Health Boards are established by state law (California Welfare and Institutions Code, Sections 5604, 5604.2, and 5651). Among other duties, the Behavioral Health Board (BHB) is responsible for reviewing and evaluating the community’s mental health needs, services, special problems and facilities. The BHB advises Siskiyou County government and the Board of Supervisors, the Agency Director, and other concerned stakeholders about Behavioral Health’s programs. In addition, the BHB has the authority to review agreements entered into pursuant to the California Welfare and Institutions Code 5650; specifically, the annual county mental health services performance contract with the California Department of Mental Health. This contract tells the Behavioral Health Division what we must do in order to be compliant with the requirements necessary for Medi-Cal reimbursement. The BHB receives special training from the State of California in order to fulfill its important advisory role. In addition, the Behavioral Health Division reports periodically to the BHB regarding important issues, such as the fiscal budget, grievances, program development, quality management and outreach. The BHB is then better able to offer feedback, suggestions and support to the Agency. Dialogue with the BHB is one of the most important tools the Agency has to keep in touch with the community’s needs.

Any Siskiyou County resident may be considered for membership on the BHB which is comprised of up to 15 members, three from each of the five supervisorial districts. Membership must include at least 50% mental health services consumers and family members. Members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors for a three- year term and the BOS currently authorizes 11 members including 1 BOS member. The BHB’s meetings are held the third Monday of each month at 3:30 p.m., at 2060 Campus Drive, Yreka; visit the County calendar for exact dates. They are open to the public and public comment is invited. For more information about the Behavioral Health Board, call the Yreka office at 841-4100.

Behavioral Health Services Board Members

Cliff Lantz, Chair

Jenny Signor, Vice Chair

Beatriz Yolanda O'Brien

Cindy Ward

Paul Contreras

Victoria Juene Kennedy

Rick Gonzales

Bob Hall

Harold Clinehens Jr

One Vacancy, One Alternate Vacancy

Board of Supervisors Representatives

Brandon Criss

Lisa Nixon  

Other Ways You Can Help Behavioral Health

  • Look for mental health events and announcements about meetings, support groups, training opportunities and public service events that need support from community members. Information is published on this web site in the County Calendar, the Siskiyou Daily News, Mount Shasta Herald, Weed Press, Dunsmuir News, the Supersaver newspaper, flyers and broadcast on local television stations.
  • Join Behavioral Health’s Quality Improvement Committee. This group of agency staff, clients and family members ensures that the Agency operates in compliance with federal, state and local regulations as well as best professional practices and helps the Agency strive towards high quality, culturally competent service delivery. Call Leslie Zane, Quality Assurance Manager, at 841-4100 for more information.

Behavioral Health Services Resource Center

Resource Title Downloadable File Type
Behavioral Health Quality Improvement Work Plan 2017-2018 Download File Other
Cultural and Linguistic Competence Plan 2016-2019 Download File Other
Other County Providers Download File Other
Other County Providers (Spanish) Download File Other
State/County Substance Use Disorder Contract Download File Other
2017 Behavioral Health Services Board Meeting Dates Download File Other
Behavioral Health Client Grievance & Appeal Form Download File Other
BHS Board Minutes 02-20-2018 Download File Other
BHS Board Agenda 04-16-2018 Download File Other
BHS Board Minutes 03-19-2018 Download File Other
BHS Board Members 2018 Download File Other
BHS Board Minutes 04-16-2018 Download File Other
Compliance Plan 17 - 18 Download File
Say This Not That Download File Other
Social Media Guide Download File Other
2016 - 2017 MHSA Annual Update Download File Other
Mental Health Month Board of Supervisors Resolution Download File Other
2017-2020 - MHSA Three-Year Plan - Exhibits (Certifications) Download File
2017-2020-MHSA Three-Year Plan - Expenditure plan Download File
2017-2020-MHSA Three-Year Plan - Final Signed Download File