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Business Licenses - Application Steps

Step 1.  Start at the Tax Collector's Office

Start by obtaining a Business License Application. Print each of the following documents:

  1. Application
  2. Business License Application Steps
  3. Business License Information

Complete the name and ownership information requested on the front half of the application.

NOTE:  to expedite the process, it is advised that you go to each department in person

Step 2.  Planning Department  530-841-2100, 806 South Main Street, Yreka

If your business is located in an unincorporated area of Siskiyou County, your application must be approved by the Siskiyou County Planning Department (located at 806 S Main St. in Yreka). If you intend to conduct your business out of your residence, a Home Occupancy Use Permit will be required in addition of a County Business License. A planner will assist you in determining requirements, prior to that department's approval of your application.

Step 3.  Health Department 530-841-2100, 806 South Main Street, Yreka

The following businesses require Health Department approval:

  • Restaurants and other businesses handling food
  • Businesses installing, pumping or repairing septic tanks
  • Businesses using or storing paint and/or other chemicals

Step 4. Building Department  530-841-2100, 806 South Main Street, Yreka

If your business is located in the unincorporated areas of Siskiyou County and customers are coming into your business; Building Department approval is required.

Step 5. Sheriff's Department 530-842-8301

Door-to-door and itinerant or mobile sales units must have their Business License Application approved by the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Department, 305 Butte Street, Yreka, CA 96097. Itinerant or mobile sales units must also, prior to making sales, obtain permission from the owner of the commercial property on which they plan to locate their unit.

Any business with the use, sale or storage or manufacture of blasting agents, explosives or gunpowder must obtain the Sheriff's Department approval of the Business License Application.

Step 6. Return the the Tax Collector's Office

Once all of the appropriate department approvals are attained, return your completed business license application with $76.00 to the Tax Collector's office

Make checks payable to:  Wayne Hammar, Tax Collector

When the completed application and the appropriate fee is received, your business license will be mailed to the mailing address on the application within seven working days.