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Business Licenses - Special Considerations


A State Contractor's License is required. The name on the business license application must match exactly the name on the State Contractor's License. This information will be verified by Tax Collector personnel.

If you are a building contractor located within Siskiyou County the Building Division will need to approve, if you are living in the unincorporated area of the County, the Planning Division will also need to approve the application.

If you are a building contractor from outside the County you must make sure you have a State license number as the number will be verified.

What Kind of a Business Will You Have?

  1. If people will be coming into the business, the Building Division will need to approve the application.
  2. If you will be providing a service out in the County, the Planning DIvision will need to approve and issue a Home Occupancy Use Permit.
  3. If there is some type of production occurring on location, the Planning Division will need to approve and issue a Complete Home Occupancy User Permit and the Health Department may need to approve as well depending on the type of production.

What Is Your Business Name?

You might want to check with the Clerk's Office for the code requirements of a Fictitious Business Name.

Applications to Sell Firearms

Applications to sell firearms must be accompanied by copies of all of the following:

  1. Valid Federal Firearms License
  2. Valid California Seller's Permit
  3. Certificate of eligibility  from the Department of Justice
  4. Valid local firearms dealer license including any additional regulatory or business licensesIs) required by local government.

NOTE 1: The approved application is not a license to conduct business activities. Once issued, the business license must be exhibited in a conspicuous place. Each solicitor must have an individual license in his/her possession at all times.

NOTE 2:  Businesses located in the incorporated areas of SIskiyou County are required to obtain a separate business license for those jursidictions.