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CalFresh - Food/Nutritional Assistance

May is CalFresh Awareness Month!

What is CalFresh Awareness Month?

CalFresh Awareness Month started in May of 2011 and is the official month dedicated to increasing public awareness of CalFresh. The state, counties and community based organizations are committed to bringing awareness, dispelling myths and assisting clients with CalFresh applications.

CalFresh helps to improve the health and well-being of qualified households and individuals by providing improved access to healthy and nutritious foods. Many are unaware they are eligible to receive benefits. Take the next step and be part of the movement to increase awareness!

May is CalFresh Awareness Month

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Living on a limited budget can sometimes mean juggling food, rent, utilities and transportation expenses. The CalFresh Program is designed to help families put food on the table and pay for basic living expenses during tough times. CalFresh (formerly Food Stamps), also known as SNAP, is a federal nutrition program that helps people with low or no income purchase healthy food. Benefits are issued on an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card that can be used at most grocery stores and farmers' markets.

To receive CalFresh benefits, your household income and resources must meet certain criteria. The amount of CalFresh benefits your household may be eligible for is determined by income and family size.

Application & Interview Process for CalFresh

CalFresh - How to Apply
  • You can apply for benefits online using C4Yourself
  • is a service provided by Code for America that allows anyone to apply for CalFresh using a mobile phone or computer and guides them through the eligibility process using email, text and livechat support.
  • By calling the Regional Customer Service Center at 1-877-652-0731
  • You may mail your application to Siskiyou County Health and Human Services Agency at 818 S. Main Street, Yreka, CA 96097
  • You may fax your application in at 530-841-2723
  • You may also apply in person at 818 South Main Street in Yreka.
CalFresh - Household Member - CalFresh (FoodStamp) Households

A CalFresh household is a group of people who live together, buy food and prepare meals together and whose members meet the eligibility requirements and are approved for benefits. The amount of CalFresh benefits you get will depend on the number of eligible people in your household and on how much monthly income is left after certain expenses (deductions) are subtracted.

CalFresh - Verification of Family Situation

The Case Manager will ask for proof of certain information that has been reported. The following items must be verified prior to certification:

  • Identification
  • Immigration status
  • Sponsored noncitizen information
  • Residency
  • SSN/Application for all household members
  • Gross income
  • Disability
  • Utility expenses
  • Medical expenses
  • Child support obligations and payments

An exception is for expedited service, only identification is required and other verification can be postponed. Other verification such as shelter costs, dependent care costs, household size, and liquid resources do not require verification unless questionable.

CalFresh - Expedited Services

Households that qualify for expedited service (ES) go through the same application forms as all other customers, but not all information has to be verified before benefits are issued (additional requirements must be met for ongoing eligibility). Households may qualify for expedited service (ES) if they are experiencing one of the eligibility factors below:

  • Less than $150 in monthly gross income and liquid resources of $100 or less
  • Migrant or seasonal farm workers who are destitute
  • Households that have combined monthly gross income and liquid resources which are less than their monthly rent or mortgage and utilities
  • Homeless

CalFresh benefits will be made available to the household no later than the third calendar day following the date the application was filed.  Applicants are informed of and are automatically considered for expedited service at the time the application is filed.