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Child Support - Employer Information

Employers are invaluable partners who contribute immensely to successful child support enforcement. On behalf of Siskiyou Modoc Regional Department of Child Support Services and the State of California, we thank you for your outstanding cooperation with our efforts to promote the well-being of the children and families we serve.

• Nearly 70% of California child support comes from employee wage withholding orders.
• Over 1.8 million California children receive child support assistance.
• Employers directly affect the well being of California Children by:

        1. Reporting new hires.
        2. Making timely child support payments
        3. Processing medical support orders

You may access full information about:
• E-Pay
• General FAQs
• Employer Medical Support FAQs
• Receiving Email Updates
• Where and how to make payments

State DCSS Employer Resource Center

Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement Employer Services