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Drought Resources

In recognition that extreme drought has far-flung consequences, on February 6, 2014 the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors created a County Interdepartmental Drought Task Force. They will be meeting frequently and responding in an appropriate and timely manner to drought-related issues and conditions as they develop. It is important to understand that the County has limited statutory authority and few resources available to directly help relieve drought-related impacts to its citizens. Nonetheless, the County can play an important role in helping its citizens lessen the negative impacts to themselves and their communities. Primarily, this will involve alerting the public to health and safety matters (particularly related to water use), gathering data to quantify drought impacts in order to qualify for federal and state programs, making the public aware of economic assistance programs, and, in general, being a resource for pertinent drought-related information. Active assistance with planning and response will also occur to the degree County resources may be available and suited to the task.

California State Links of Interest:

Press Releases/Board Actions

On February 11, 2014, the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors issued a proclamation that extreme drought conditions exist in Siskiyou County. This was done to help draw awareness and attention to steps that are prudent now despite there still being time in the wet season for rain and snow to abate the drought. Let’s all hope for rain!

Residential Interest

County ContactsBill Navarre, 842-8203

Ag Producer Interest

County Contacts: Steve Orloff, 842-2711 James E. Smith, 841-4033

Agriculture Assistance

  • United States Department of Agriculture:  Please contact local offices for information on "Federal Assistance Programs":  Siskiyou County USDA offices: FSA (Farm Service Agency) and NRCS (Natural Resource Conservation Service), Yreka office: 530-842-6123, Tulelake Office: 530-667-4247
  • RCD's are also a source of information and help.  In the Shasta Valley contact Adriane Garayalde, Executive Director, 530-8426121, 215 A Executive Court, Yreka.  In Scott Valley contact Lindsay Magranet,  530-467-3975, 450 Main Street, Etna, CA 96027.  In Butte Valley area contact Dee Samson, Executive Director, 530-667-3473, 611 Main Street, Tulelake, CA 96034 or PO Box 1180, Tulelake, CA 69034

Economic/Business Interest

County Contact: Jasen Vela, 841-2155

Economic Assistance

Natural Resource Interest

County Contact: Elizabeth Neilsen, Natural Resource Policy Specialist, 842-8005