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General Assistance

The General Assistance Program is a time-limited County program which provides temporary cash aid and employment services to needy individuals. This is a loan program and must be repaid by the recipient.

The General Assistance Program has two aspects to it; financial assistance for work-ready individuals, and financial assistance to disabled individuals as well as support from an Agency liaison who will assist recipients with the application process for Social Security Disability Programs.   These services are provided to individuals at no cost.

How to Apply

You may apply in person at 818 South Main Street in Yreka.

Verification of Family Situation

The Case Manager will ask for proof of certain information that has been reported on your application. The following items (list not inclusive of all items) must be verified prior to approval:

      • Available resources and income
      • Identification
      • Immigration status
      • Sponsored noncitizen information
      • Residency
      • SSN/Application for all household members
      • Gross income
      • Disability
      • Utility expenses
      • Medical expenses
      • Child support obligations and payments