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General Services - Flood Control & Water Conservation District

Pedestrian Bridge at Lake Siskiyou Under Construction


Lake Siskiyou Delta Bridges have been Installed for the SEASON - June 7, 2018

Delta Bridges at Lake Siskiyou Are Installed


The District includes Box Canyon Dam, Lake Siskiyou and Lake Shastina

The role of the Flood Control District is to provide for quality recreational experiences, tourism, and flood control A full range of recreational opportunities are provided at the Box Canyon project near Mt. Shasta. Activities include swimming, camping, tennis, hiking, fishing, and a new championship golf course. A small flood control commitment in the form of winter drawdown at Lake Siskiyou is another service provided by the District to downstream residents.

Lake Shastina Ordinance Change - Prohibiting Overnight Camping

On August 1, 2017 the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors passed an amended ordinance, 10-17  that now prohibits all overnight camping at Lake Shastina.  The campground is now limited to Day Use ONLY.

Lake Siskiyou Trail Map

Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort

Flood Control - Lake Siskiyou Resource Center

Resource Title Downloadable File Type
Lake Siskiyou Double Vault Restroom Project Bid Results 1/10/2014 Download File Other
Lake Siskiyou Non Industrial Timber Management Plan (NTMP) Download File Other
Lake Siskiyou Trail Map Download File Other
Ordinance - 17-10 Prohibiting Overnight Camping at Lake Shastina Download File Ordinance
Ordinance - Rules & Regulations Governing the Area Around Lake Siskiyou Download File Policy