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Local Transportation Commission


Siskiyou County Regional Transportation Plan Update

A Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) is a long-range (20 year) planning document used to identify transportation infrastructure and program projects for a designated region. This document is required by statute and takes guidance from the guidelines prepared by the California Transportation Commission on a regular basis. In order to qualify for State and Federal transportation funds, projects must be in the Regional Transportation Plan. Long range planning of this sort shapes the future of our region’s as stated in the latest, 2010 RTP Guidelines.

About Us

The Siskiyou County Local Transportation Commission (SCLTC) was created pursuant to Title 3 of G.C. Section 2935 in 1972.  The SCLTC is the Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA) responsible for transportation planning and funding throughout Siskiyou County.

We are responsible for the development and option of the Regional Transportation Plan and Regional Transportation Improvement Program as required by state law. 

State highways in Siskiyou County include SR 3, SR 97, SR 89 and Interstate 5.  The streets and highways are maintained by various agencies throughout the County including community service districts, nine incorporated cities, the Siskiyou County Road Department, and Caltrans. 

SCLTC’s office is located in Yreka, California. 

Guidelines for Submitting Items for the LTC Agenda

  • If you are needing agendas after 2015 please contact the Transportation Commission at 530-842-8220.

 Please direct any comments or concerns to the LTC at 


Important Commission Information

Transportation Commission - Guidelines for Submitting Items

Regular Meetings

Regular LTC meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month, beginning at 4 p.m. in the conference room at the Transit Center.

The LTC only meets if there are items on the agenda. Check the website for cancelation notices.


All documents and proposals must be submitted on 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

To be considered for an Agenda Item all requests should include the following:


Agenda items must be submitted by 3 p.m. on the Wednesday two (2) weeks prior to the meeting in which the items are to be presented.

Agendas & Notices

Agendas will be posted 72 hours before a scheduled meeting and 24 hours before a special meeting at the following locations:

  • STAGE Office
  • LTC Webpage

You may also sign up for email notifications by submitting a request to

Transportation Commission - Short Range Transit Plan

Siskiyou County Short Range Transit Plan Update 2015

The Final Draft of the Short Range Transit Plan (SRTP) documents are ready for review.  The SRTP 2015  Plan, Executive Summary, and SRTP Presentation for Outreach are all linked in the Reports and Plans Center below.  

The Final Report has been posted to the Resource Center Below. 

Transportation Commission - Unmet Transit Needs

The current hearing dates/locations are as follows:

Spring 2018 - TBD

If you would like to submit an unmet need for consideration please fill out the request form located in the Resource Center below and submit it to  The submit button on the form will automatically submit it to STAGE; The forms are also available at the STAGE office located at 190 Greenhorn Road in Yreka.

Transportation Commission - Membership


The Siskiyou County Local Transportation Commission is comprised of three members plus one alternate appointed from the Board of Supervisors and the League of Local Agencies.

The current Commissioners are:

Board of Supervisors:

Delegate: Brandon Criss -
Delegate: Michael N Kobseff -
Delegate: Ed Valenzuela -
Alternate: Lisa Nixon -

League of Local Agencies:

Delegate: Joan Smith-Freeman (City of Yreka) -
Delegate: Timothy Stearns. (City of Mt Shasta) -
Delegate: Bruce Deutsch (City of Dunsmuir) -

Alternate: Lori Fleck (City of Etna) -

Transportation Commission - Technical Advisory Committee

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) exists to provide technical advice to Siskiyou County Local Transportation Commission (SCLTC). The TAC currently consists of:
- City of Dorris: Morgan Eastlick, City Engineer
- City of Dunsmuir: Bill Willman
- City of Etna: Vacant
- Town of Fort Jones: Darrell Hook, City Engineer
- City of Montague: Dave Dunn
- City of Mt Shasta: Rod Bryan, Director of Public Works
- City of Tulelake: Brett Nystrom, Director of Public Works
- City of Weed: Craig Sharpe, Director of Public Works
- City of Yreka: Steve Baker, City Manager
- Caltrans: Marcelino Gonzalez, Regional Planner
- Siskiyou County: Scott Waite, Director of Public Works
- Karuk Tribe: Sandi Tripp, Director - Department of Transportation
- Quartz Valley Indian Reservation: Mike Silzewski

Transportation Commission - Social Services Transportation Advisory Council

Social Services Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC)

The Social Services Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC) is a council appointed by Siskiyou County Local Transportation Commission (SCLTC) to represent seniors, the disabled, and persons of limited means regarding transit matters. It meets once a year unless a need arises to hold a special meeting. The Council consists of the following members:
- One representative of transit users 60 years +
- One representative of transit users handicapped
- Two representatives of Social Service Providers to Seniors
- Two representatives of Social Service Providers to Handicapped
- One representative of Social Service Providers to Limited Means
- Two Representatives of the Consolidated Transportation Service Agency (CTSA)
- Others as prescribed in subdivision (b)

The current members and their terms are:
One Year Term – Expires 4/4/2018
- CTSA - Bryce Craig
- CTSA - Brandon Criss
- Yreka Area - Seth Dressler

Two Year Term – Expires 4/4/2019
- City of Weed - Kelly McKinnis
- Representative of Limited Means- Ken Ryan
- Yreka Senior Program - Selma George
- College of the Siskiyous - Doug Haugen

Three Year Term – Expires 5/10/2019
- Mt Shasta Nutrition Program - Mike Rodriguez
- Yreka Nutrition Program - Terrie Berentsen
- Yreka - Andre Economopoulos
- Karuk Tribe - Sandi Tripp

The SSTAC has the following responsibilities:

- Identify transit needs

- Participate in the annual unmet transit needs process, in which the LTC holds a public hearing to determine whether or not there are any unmet transit needs which are reasonable to meet

- Advise the LTC on any other major transit issues, including the coordination and consolidation of specialized transportation services

Transportation Commission - Staff

The Siskiyou County Local Transportation Commissions’ daily duties are handled by staff from the County’s Transportation office. Melissa Cummins is the Executive Director for the SCLTC.

Local Transportation Commission Reports, Plans & Forms

Resource Title Downloadable File
2016 Regional Transportation Plan - Siskiyou County Local Transportation Commission Download File
LTC - Request for Services Download File
LTC Agenda Request Worksheet Download File
LTC Overall Work Program (OWP) 2015-2016 Download File
Siskiyou Coordinated Public Transit - Human Services Transportation Plan - Final Draft January 2015 Download File
Siskiyou County 2018 Regional Transportation Improvement Programs Download File
Siskiyou County Short Range Transit Plan 2015-2019 (Final Report) Download File
Siskiyou SRTP 2015, Report, Final Draft Download File
SSTAC Application Form Download File