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Natural Resources - Groundwater

In September 2014, Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation requiring that California's critical groundwater resources be sustainably managed by local agencies.  The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) established specific requirements for how certain groundwater basins were to be managed over the long-term. There are four groundwater basins in Siskiyou County that fall under the requirements of SGMA, and the County is currently developing a plan and working with stakeholders to carry out the requirements of SGMA. Please refer to the links below to learn more about SGMA, and the work being done in Siskiyou County.

PowerPoint outlining the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

Discussion Paper_Flood Control District to Serve as GSA

Link to the Department of Water Resources:

SGMA Maps:

Siskiyou Overview Map

Shasta Valley Basin Map

Scott Valley Basin Map

Butte Valley Basin Map

September 2015 County update on the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act