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Personal Response to Tree Mortality

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Remove Dead Trees & Reduce Wildfire Risk

What can you do to reduce wildfire risk on your property?

  • Check property for dead or bark beetle infested trees - refer to the "Identifying Tree Mortality" section of this website

  • Remove trees and dense undergrowth - Visit and call your local Fire Safe Council to find out how! 

  • Prepare defensible space around your home and infrastructure

  • Bark beetles are most active during the spring and summer – be careful not to damage healthy trees as fresh wood attracts bark beetles

Although the six-plus years of historic drought is effectively over in California, and the Governor has rescinded the state of emergency related to drought, tree mortality is still critical and must be addressed through active management.


Visit for more information on:

  • Permitting Processes and what is required before removing trees

  • Landowner Assistance and grant opportunities

  • Bark Beetle Campaign Toolkit

  • Statewide Tree Mortality Maps

  • Up to date information on tree mortality

  • Tree Health

  • Seasonal Actions that you can complete

A Conifer Forest Showing Great Investation