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Planning Division - Siskiyou County General Plan

The General Plan is a community's blueprint for future development. It describes a community's development goals and policies. It also is the foundation for land use decisions made by the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors.

A general plan consists of at least two parts. It contains a written text describing the community's goals, objectives, and policies for development. It also contains a map (or maps) and diagrams illustrating the generalized distribution of land uses, the road system, environmental hazard areas, the open space system, and other policy statements that can be illustrated. The maps and diagrams must work together with the written portions of the plan to establish a clear view of the community's future.

The General Plan and Zoning Ordinance Are Not the Same. The General Plan is a set of long-term goals and policies that the community uses to guide development decisions. Although the plan establishes standards for the location and density of land uses, it does not directly regulate land use. Zoning, on the other hand, is regulatory. Under the Zoning Ordinance, development must comply with specific, enforceable standards such as minimum lot size, maximum building height, minimum building setback, and a list of allowable uses. Zoning is applied lot-by-lot, whereas the general plan has a community-wide perspective.

The following General Plan Elements can be downloaded (PDF format--maps in tiff). For further information, please contact the Planning Division.


Planning Resource Center

Resource Title Downloadable File Type
Application Guide - Zoning Change Download File Application
Architects Engineers Surveyors Local List Download File Other
CEQA - Siskiyou County Jail Draft Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration Download File Other
County Complaint Form - Used by Various Departments/Divisions Download File Other
General Plan Circulation Element Updated Download File General Plan
General Plan Conservation Element Download File General Plan
General Plan Energy Element Download File General Plan
General Plan Geothermal Element Download File General Plan
General Plan Housing Element Update 2014 HCD Approved, Large 4mb file Download File General Plan
General Plan Land Use & Circulation Element Download File General Plan