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Public Works - Encroachment

An encroachment permit is required for any work or activity performed by an individual or contractor within the county road right-of-way. Work may include but not limited to improvements such as a driveways, mailboxes, or underground utilities as well as the improvement or maintenance of existing improvements (e.g. paving an existing driveway). Permitees are responsible for maintaining their own improvements (culverts etc.) including the removal of vegetation adjacent to driveways to allow for adequate sight distance.

To apply for an encroachment permit fill out the form found in the Resource Center below and submit attention Tim Bynum. The form can be mailed or delivered to 1312 Fairlane Road, Yreka, CA 96097.

Questions regarding encroachment permits should be directed to Tim Bynum either by e-mail  or phone at 530-842-8244.

Public Works Resource Center

Resource Title Downloadable File Type
Encroachment Permit Application - Updated 2017 Download File Permit
No Spray Zone Application - County-Property Owner Agreement Download File Application
Public Works District Map Download File Other
Public Works Snow Removal Policy Download File Policy
Transportation Permit Download File Permit