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Public Works - Roads & Bridges

Siskiyou County Map with Public Works Districts Noted

District Offices

District Location Phone Supervisor Assistant Supervisor
1 Montague 530-842-8779 John Morgan Rob Jackson
2 Mt. Shasta 530-926-4524 Chuck Gray Eric Freeman
3 Gazelle 530-435-2202 Chuck Gray Thomas B. Collier
4 Fort Jones 530-468-2421 Garold Carver Gene Kutzer
4H Happy Camp 530-493-2354 Garold Carver Richard Hahn
5 Etna 530-467-3391 Garold Carver Cache Moyles
5F Forks of Salmon 530-462-4757 Garold Carver Charles Nichols
6 Dorris 530-397-5291 Jeff Hall Andy King

Road Maintenance Information

Roads - Roads & Highways

An explanation of who maintains and is responsible for roads and highways in  Siskiyou County.


Roads - County Maintained Road System

The Public Works Department's Road Division is responsible for providing safe and driveable public roadways in the unincorporated areas of the county.


Roads - Snow Removal Policy

The policy of the Siskiyou County Road Department is to remove snow from the County roads safely and quickly, considering the availability of labor, equipment, and funding. Only minimal sanding is done where warranted by traffic volumes and speeds or where dictated by roadway alignment and grades. Normally, sanding is done only on critical access road intersections, steep grades, bridge decks, sharp curves or other areas known to have accident problems associated with icy conditions. Funding limitations do not allow roads to be kept free of snow and ice at all times.


Roads - Road Maintenance Funding

Funds for road maintenance and construction are apportioned per the Streets and Highways Code.

No property taxes or other County general funds are used for the maintenance and improvements of County roads and bridges.


Roads - Adding Roads to Maintained System

The County receives many requests to accept additional unpaved roads into the maintained system. Due to funding limitations and the difficulty in maintaining the roads currently in the system, the County must deny most of these requests.


Public Works Resource Center

Resource Title Downloadable File Type
Encroachment Permit Application - Updated 2017 Download File Permit
No Spray Zone Application - County-Property Owner Agreement Download File Application
Public Works District Map Download File Other
Public Works Snow Removal Policy Download File Policy
Transportation Permit Download File Permit