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Roads - Roads & Highways

  1. U. S. Forest Service Roads - The five National Forests in Siskiyou County provide roads for a variety or reasons and activities. Access is provided to harvest timber, provide recreational opportunities, fire protection and forest management activities.
  2. State of California - The California Department of Transportation is responsible for the operation and maintenance of eight state and interstate routes maintaining 320 miles of highways in the county.
  3. Siskiyou County - Publicly maintained roads not under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government, State of California or incorporated cities are the maintenance responsibility of the County of Siskiyou.
  4. Private Roads - Many roads are created by developers who choose to keep the roads within their subdivision as private roads to avoid the cost of constructing the roads to the County's standards and offering the roads for dedication to the County. This results in lower costs to purchase property and consequently lower property taxes, but these costs savings are offset by the property owner being responsible for the cost of maintaining the roads.

An explanation of who maintains and is responsible for roads and highways in  Siskiyou County.


Public Works Resource Center

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