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Tax Collector Division - Frequently Asked Questions

Tax FAQs - What are secured property taxes?

Taxes on which the property taxes are a lien against real property.

Tax FAQs - When are current year secured property taxes due?

The Total Amount Due is payable in two installments:

  1. The 1st installment is due on November 1, and is delinquent at 5:00 p.m. December 10, after which a 10% penalty attaches.
  2. The 2nd installment is due on February 1, of the following year and is delinquent at 5:00 p.m. April 10, after which a 10% penalty and $20 cost attach.
  3. In order to pay both installments at the same time, remit the total amount due with both installment payment stubs by December 10.
  4. If December 10 or April 10 falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or a legal holiday, no penalty is charged if payment is made by 5:00 p.m. on the next business day.
Tax FAQs - The lender no longer pays the taxes. How do I get a payment stub?

Although you do not need a payment stub to pay your taxes, you can order a duplicate tax bill by calling 530-842-8340 or by visiting the office.

Tax FAQs - I did not receive the tax bill. How do I get another bill?

You can order a duplicate tax bill by calling (530) 842-8340 or 1-888-854-2000-8-8340.

Tax FAQs - How can I change my mailing address?

You can request a change of mailing address by writing or visiting the Assessor's Office at 311 Fourth St., Yreka, CA 96097.

Tax FAQs - How can I get property tax assistance for seniors, blind or disabled persons?

The 2009/2010 state budget suspended funding for the Gonsalves-Deukmejian-Petris Senior Citizens Property Tax Assistance Law, which provides direct cash assistance. The Franchise Tax Board (FTB) will not be issuing Homeowner and Renter Assistance (HRA) Program instruction booklets and will not accept HRA claims for the 2009 claim year. For the most current information on the HRA program, go to and search for HRA

Tax FAQs - How can I get property tax postponements for senior, blind or disabled persons?

On February 20, 2009, the Governor signed Chapter 4, Statues of 2009, which immediately suspends the Senior Citizens Property Tax Deferral Program. This legislation prohibits the filing of claims for property tax postponement and prohibits the Controller from accepting claims filed after February 20, 2009. As a result of the program suspension, the Controller will no longer accept claims for property tax postponement pending modification or repeal of this new law. However, the Controller's Office will continue processing claims postmarked prior to February 20, 2009. For the most current information on the PTP program please visit our website at

Tax FAQs - What if I disagree with the assessed value as shown on my tax bill?

If you disagree with a change in the assessed value as shown on the tax bill, you have the right to an informal assessment review by contacting the Assessor’s Office at (530) 842-8036 or toll free at 1-888-854-2000-8-8036. If you disagree with the result of the informal review, you have the right to file an application for reduction in assessment for the following year with the Siskiyou County Assessment Appeals Board during the period from July 2 to November 30 inclusive. The Assessment Appeals Board is located at the County Clerk's Office, 510 N. Main Street, Yreka, California 96097).

Application for review and equalization of an assessment made outside of the regular assessment period must be filed with the Clerk of the Assessment Appeals Board no later than 60 days after the receipt of the "Notice of Escape Assessment" or the tax bill for the assessment. Receipt by the assessee of a tax bill based on an assessment made outside of the regular assessment period constitutes a notification of such assessment. (Section 1605 RTC)

Tax FAQs - What is an unsecured property supplemental tax bill?

An unsecured supplemental assessment is an adjustment in real property valuation resulting from upward changes in assessed value due to changes in ownership or completion of new construction where the assessment is not a lien on real property. An unsecured property supplemental tax bill retroactively taxes the supplemental assessment of property on a pro-rata basis as a result of the assessor's reappraisal of property at its full cash value on the date that a change in ownership occurs or new construction is completed.

Tax FAQs - What are special assessments?

Special assessments are direct charges against property which are included in the total amount of your tax bill but which are not property taxes in the sense of being based on the Assessor's valuation. A sewer service charge is an example of this assessment.

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