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Tax Collector Division - Payment Plans, Delinquent Secured

A Five Year Payment Plan may be started on secured property taxes that have become delinquent on June 30th of each fiscal year. A payment of 20% of the delinquent taxes and a $43.00 plan fee are required to start the plan. During the five-year life of the plan, each year’s current taxes and a payment of 20% plus interest on the delinquent taxes must be paid on or before April 10 of each year.

The unpaid balance of the installment plan, plus accrued interest, may be paid in full at any time before the fifth and final payment is due. Since the interest is computed at 1.5% per month on the unpaid balance, we encourage participants to pay more than the minimum amount when possible.

An installment plan cannot be initiated on property that is subject to sale or if five or more years have elapsed since tax default.

If additional information regarding an Installment Plan of Redemption is required, please contact the Siskiyou County Treasurer-Tax Collector at 311 Fourth Street (Room 104), Yreka California, 96097-2944 or call toll free (888) 854-2000 or (530) 842-8340.

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