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Medi-Cal/CMSP Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I have other health insurance coverage and still be eligible for Medi-Cal or CMSP?

Yes, your other coverage will be billed first, and MediCal/CMSP will then serve as a secondary coverage.

Will I be responsible to pay anything toward my medical care?

Depending upon your income level, you may be responsible for paying a portion of your medical care - called a "share of cost", as well as any required co-payments to the provider.

What do I do when providers do not credit us, husband and wife, for the family share of cost when my husband has CMSP and I have Medi-Cal?

Unfortunately, providers are supposed to use the lowest amount family share of cost; however, frequently providers use the share of cost for each person. This is a provider error and one the county is unable to correct or do anything about. You must ask your provider to correct the error.

How do I get last month's medical bills paid?

You can request retroactive coverage for Medi-Cal. There is no retroactive benefits for the CMSP Program. Medi-Cal can be used for prior medical bills up to 90 days old, just take your BIC card into your medical provider for billing.

Why do I have to go through Family Support in order to be eligible for Medi-Cal?

The County is required to verify whether or not the absent parent has insurance coverage for the children only. Medi-Cal is not attempting to establish child support for the children.