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Siskiyou Modoc Regional Department of Child Support Services

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Child Support Services

The State of California Department of Child Support Services provides child support and paternity services to parents and guardians through local offices throughout the state. The primary services are to establish parentage and child support orders, collect court-ordered support, and modify child support orders when parents’ income or family situation has changed. The Siskiyou Modoc Regional Department of Child Support Services has offices in Yreka and Alturas.

You are welcome to visit the offices in Yreka or Alturas to find out how the agency might help you obtain financial and medical support for the minor children in your care. Or you can ask for help enforcing or changing an existing support order. Parents with support cases managed by a different California county may also come in or call one of the local offices for assistance.


***** FRAUD ALERT*****

The Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) has been informed of a child support scam taking place under the title, "Clear Your Child Support". Individuals are attempting to scam child support payers by guaranteeing the reduction of their child support arrears if they payer provides a cash portion in advance. These individuals are then advising the payers that their child support arrears would then be negotiated to a lower amount with their child support agency.

This is a scam and individuals contacted by this fraudulent program are encouraged to contact their local law enforcement agency or the attorney general's office.