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Community Development

Community Development - Public Interest Documents

How to file a COMPLAINT regarding a violation of the MEDICAL MARIJUANA CULTIVATION ORDINANCE and updated information on the Medical Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance can be found here: Medical Marijuana Cultivation . The Sheriff's Office is now responsible for all complaints. Use the Report a Marijuana Crime online form.

Crystal Geyser Project Page- created 5/12/16  Notice of Availability of the Crystal Geyser Final Environmental Impact Report.  The Final EIR and the draft EIR documents are available in the Resource Center at the bottom of the Crystal Geyser Project Page   Please note that each section and appendix is a separate document. 09/09/17

JH Ranch Documentation - posted 4/19/16

Update of the Siskiyou County General Plan Housing Element (large 4mb file) - posted 8/22/14

Welcome to the Siskiyou County Community Development Department's web page. In these pages you will find information on the Department's Planning, Building, and Environmental Health Divisions. This information is being provided as an extension of our customer service efforts as we strive to provide the most responsive and efficient support to all residents and businesses of the unincorporated areas of Siskiyou County. The Department's team of experienced professionals is tasked with helping our customers navigate through the various layers of applicable laws and regulations pertaining to planning, building, and environmental health regulations. As you browse through the Department's webpages, if you don't find what you are looking for or have any suggestions on how we might provide additional information to better serve you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Community Development - Information Requests

Please click on the FORM LINK below to request property information such as Zoning, Building Permit Information, Well Information, Septage Information, or other Property Information.

Click Here!Property Information Inquiry Form

Community Development Resource Center

Please refer to the Resource Center for Building, Environmental Health, and Planning for all resources related to those divisions.

Resource Title Downloadable File Type
County Complaint Form - Used by Various Departments/Divisions Download File Other
DEIR - Section 0.0 Title Page and Table of Contents Download File EIR
DEIR - Section 1.0 Introduction Download File EIR
DEIR - Section 2.0 Executive Summary Download File EIR
DEIR - Section 3.0 Project Description Download File EIR
DEIR - Section 4.0 Environmental Analysis Download File EIR
DEIR - Section 4.1 Aesthetics Download File EIR
DEIR - Section 4.10 Noise and Vibration Download File EIR
DEIR - Section 4.11 Transportation and Circulation Download File EIR
DEIR - Section 4.12 Utilities Download File EIR
DEIR - Section 4.13 Energy Download File EIR
DEIR - Section 4.2 Air Quality Download File EIR
DEIR - Section 4.3 Biological Resources Download File EIR
DEIR - Section 4.4 Cultural Resources Download File EIR
DEIR - Section 4.5 Geology and Soils Download File EIR