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Public Works - Surveying

The Surveyor Division of the Public Works Department has three major functions:

  1. Review and approve Record of Survey and subdivision maps
  2. Review land development applications
  3. Review and approve subdivision improvements

Fee Schedule:

  • Record Survey  - $100.00
  • Parcel Map -  $200.00 plus $40.00/hr. over five hours
  • Final Map -  $200.00 plus $40.00/hr. over five hours
  • Lot Stake Check - $100.00 plus $2.00 per lot
  • Tentative Subdivision Map - $200.00 plus $1.50 per lot
  • Improvement Plan Check - actual cost
  • Improvement Inspection - actual cost 


Public Works Resource Center

Resource Title Downloadable File Type
Encroachment Permit Application - Updated 2017 Download File Permit
No Spray Zone Application - County-Property Owner Agreement Download File Application
Public Works District Map Download File Other
Public Works Snow Removal Policy Download File Policy
Transportation Permit Download File Permit