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Siskiyou County Tree Mortality Task Force

  • Overgrowth, drought, and bark beetle are destroying forests throughout California

  • 102 million trees have died from bark beetle infestation since 2010

  • 850,000 acres throughout Siskiyou County impacted by tree mortality

Over grown forests, years of drought and bark beetles have created a situation where millions of trees throughout California are dead or dying. Since 2010, approximately 102 million trees throughout the state have died from bark beetle infestation, and more die each day. As of April 2017, 850,000 acres throughout Siskiyou County have been identified as having some degree of tree mortality, with over 76,000 acres designated as having high to extreme tree mortality. In 2015, Governor Jerry Brown issued a Proclamation of A State of Emergency for tree mortality issues throughout California; and in September 2016, the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution to form a Tree Mortality Task Force to address tree mortality issues throughout the County, and provide outreach, education, and opportunities for private landowners who may have tree mortality on their private property. The current structure of the task force is made up of Siskiyou County Natural Resources, the Office of Emergency Services, the US Forest Service, and Cal Fire.

Beetle Infested Forest from the Air

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