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Planning Commission Agendas

Year You Wish to Review (YYYY)
Topics Available Only from November 2013
Meeting Date Downloadable File Items on Agenda
07/18/2018 PDF icon PC_20180718_Agenda.pdf Top Sites/Plank Use Permit / Mitigated Negative Declaration; Cannaworx Zone Change Z1505 / Mitigated Negative Declaration; Paoli Use Permit UP1801 / Categorical Exemption
06/20/2018 PDF icon PC_20180620_RegularMeetingAgenda.pdf Luckey Tentative Parcel Map TPM1702/Categorical Exemption; Nichols Use Permit UP1805/Categorical Exemption; Road Abandonment (RA1801) Joseph Place/Categorical Exemption
06/06/2018 PDF icon PC_20180606_Special Meeting Agenda.pdf Agritourism Technical Advisory Committee Report to the Planning Commission; Multi-species Farming Technical Advisory Committee Report to the Planning Commission
05/16/2018 PDF icon PC_20180516_Agenda.pdf Watson Tentative Parcel Map TPM1701; Trinity 7277 LLC & Edwards Zone Change Z1801
04/18/2018 PDF icon PC_20180418_Agenda.pdf Denardi/AT&T Use Permit UP1704; Hughes Vacation Rental Use Permit UP1706
03/21/2018 PDF icon PC_20180321_Agenda.pdf Gentz Use Permit (UP1708); Richardson Tentative Parcel Map (TPM1704)
02/21/2018 PDF icon PC_20180221_Agenda.pdf McCloud Zone Change (Z-17-01); Rhodes Tentative Parcel Map (TPM-15-08)
01/17/2018 PDF icon PC_20180117_Agenda.pdf Appoint Members to the Agritourism Technical Advisory Committee; Appoint Members to the Multi-species Farming Technical Advisory Committee
01/17/2018 PDF icon AOHB_2018_0117_Agenda_Redacted.pdf 17Y-116; 17Y-114; 17Y-123; 16Y-127
12/20/2017 PDF icon PC_20171220_Agenda.pdf Juncal Zone Change and Tentative Subdivision Map (Z1603_TSM1601); Sabanovich Parcel Map Amendment TPM0502-1M
11/15/2017 PDF icon PC_20171115_Agenda.pdf Peterson Use Permit (UP1703); Formation of Two Technical Advisory Committees
10/18/2017 PDF icon PC_20171018_Agenda.pdf McCloud PD Zone Change (Z1701); Rhodes Tentative Parcel Map (TPM1508)
09/27/2017 PDF icon PC_20170927_ContinuedMeetingAgenda.pdf Business Continued from September 20, 2017 Regular Meeting Crystal Geyser Water Company (UP1603)
09/20/2017 PDF icon PC_20170920_Agenda.pdf Crystal Geyser Use Permit (UP-16-03)
08/16/2017 PDF icon PC_20170816_Agenda.pdf Barba Conditional Use Permit (UP1702)
02/15/2017 PDF icon PC_20170215_AOHB_Agenda_Redacted.pdf 16Y-156