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Assessor Division - Property Statement e-Filing

 E-Filing for Many of Our Accounts Is an Option

 Annual Property Statements (Form 571-F & 571-L) can now be prepared and submitted electronically to the Siskiyou County Assessor's Office, at no charge, through a secure process.

To proceed with e-filing beyond this point, you are required to have a unique Business Identification Number (BIN), which is considered to be your electronic signature, to satisfy the requirements of Government Code Section 16.5.  For your convenience, this year we are providing your BIN # in the upper-right portion of the mailing label affixed to your property statement or e-file notification.  The On-line system requires a Form Code, which is also listed on the mailing label directly above the BIN.

We hope you find this process a welcome change from completing your annual Property Statement by hand. The program guides you through the electronic statement with the assistance of various help screens and reminders. Please note that while some fields may not be applicable to you, the program may still require an entry.  Simply insert an X, space, or 0 (zero) to proceed.  You will be able to leave and return to the electronic statement as many times as you like for completion and/or correction, until being "final filed" with our office. Amendments after final filing are still possible, but will require that we provide you with a new BIN.  If you should require assistance, please contact the Personal Property Division at (530) 842-8051.

We welcome your comments and suggestions in order to better serve you in the future - please email us at .

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